Creating an atmosphere to English learning

Extended learning activities are provided to enrich students' English learning experience. English ambassadors are trained to hold morning assemblies and be the emcees of school ceremonies.

Bridging to NSS

To enhance junior secondary students' understanding of the NSS elective subjects, some NSS elements are introduced in the junior secondary curriculum.

  1. To prepare students for studying NSS Liberal Studies, Life and Society is offered.
  2. To widen students' vision of the world, world history and cultural elements are incorporated into the Chinese History curriculum.
  3. To prepare students for studying NSS Geography, Geography is offered in junior forms.
  4. S3 Science is divided into three subjects; Physics, Chemistry and Biology to provide students with a more holistic view of science.

Junior (S.1 and S.2) Musical Instrument Courses

We strive to develop students' interest in music, and learning to play musical instrument has become the core part of the junior form music curriculum. Students can attend musical instrument courses offered by the school or other courses offered outside; students' progress would be examined in music examinations. Financial assistance is available for qualified applicants.

Learning outside the classroom

Learning motivation is promoted through applying the knowledge that students have learned in various thematic activities and competitions.