CFS 25th Anniversary Celebration

Life Planning

By coordinating life planning activities for various year levels, the Life Planning Committee (LPC) of our school enables students to integrate their career or academic aspirations with whole-person development and life-long learning.

Through long-term partnership with organisations such as the Po Leung Kuk Life Planning & Financial Education Centre, Rotary Club of Channel Islands and Quality Mentorship Network and the use of other external resources, the LPC organises an array of activities such as talks, parent nights, workshops, university and workplace visits and mock release of DSE results and so on to provide parents and students with careers-related information and allow students to prepare themselves for their life planning.

With the implementation of our school-based structured life planning curriculum, complemented with individual counselling sessions to accommodate the development needs of students of all year levels, it is hoped that our students can well equip themselves to adapt to future challenges in life.