CFS 25th Anniversary Celebration

School Social Worker

We have two full-time social workers at PLKCFS. The service is provided by Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Tung Chung Integrated Services.


Service Objectives

  • To build students' self-confidence, ability to do self-reflection and problem-solving skills

  • To encourage students to participate actively in the community in order to fulfil their social responsibility  

  • To cultivate students' mutual respect and cooperation in order to foster a caring campus environment

  • To foster a caring attitude among students towards family, school and the community  



Service Content

1. Individual counselling and consultation

Through individual interviews, social workers support students to tackle different problems and challenges, including emotional or behaviour problems, family issues, as well as social and study difficulties. Information and advice is given to students, parents and teachers to facilitate students' positive growth. Further referral to other services can also be made if needed.



2. Groups and programmes

To improve students' self-understanding, develop their potential and build positive values, social workers organise different groups and programmes. Examples of these groups and programmes include peer counsellor programmes, healthy campus booths, and a joint-school mock release of DSE results.