Our school is like a big family and it is our students’ second home.  It is a place where students can live in harmony and know that everyone cares about them.

Once a student enters our school, he or she becomes a CFSer. This CFSer identity is shared by all Cheung Fook Sien College students and is cultivated as they grow from carefully planned experiences focused on their learning and personal development. Students acquire knowledge, skills and become better people through a well-balanced curriculum that includes both formal and informal learning components. With our strong emphasis on whole-person development, opportunities are provided for students’ moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic development. Since this journey of learning and personal development is done together, every CFSer becomes connected and develops a shared identity.    

There is a common goal for all CFSers – to become NICER. Becoming NICER does not simply mean becoming a good person. NICER is an acronym that identifies targeted qualities that should be cultivated by every CFSer. These qualities have been identified because they are crucial to the positive and healthy personal and social development of the future leaders of our society. The NICER acronym can be adapted to fit everyone’s personal goals, but here is an example of what it means to become a NICER CFSer:

N – Nice: CFSers are polite and well-liked by others.

I – Inquisitive: CFSers are curious and active learners.

C – (self-)Confident: CFSers are full of confidence and have a good understanding of their personal strengths and weaknesses.

E – Excellent: CFSers excel in their persistent pursuit of achievements and improvements.

R – Resilient: CFSers are able to face adversity and overcome obstacles.


Once a CFSer has built up certain NICER qualities, he or she will then build up others. It is a process of continuous improvement.

Education is the process of bringing changes to improve human lives. It is our mission to provide a solid foundation for the nurturing of future generations while developing a strong sense of togetherness and connectedness. CFS College must be the right option for you.


Be a CFSer and be NICER!