75th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (2023) - English Choral Speaking Competition 1st Runner-Up


Our S1 students took part in the 75th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival (2023) - English Choral Speaking Competition, hosted by Hong Kong Schools Music and Speech Association. They delivered an impressive performance of the poem "Kenneth". Their hard work and dedication paid off as they achieved the remarkable feat of the First Runner-Up in the competition. Here are some reflections from our students on this memorable experience:

“Being a part of the choral speaking group is an incredible experience. The camaraderie and teamwork we developed as a group was truly special. Through countless rehearsals and performances, we grew together as performers and individuals. The feeling of synchronicity when our voices merged as one on stage was exhilarating. This experience has taught me the power of unity and the limitless possibilities that can be achieved through collaboration. I am grateful for the memories and friendships formed during this journey.” – Isabella Lai, 1A

“After this choral speaking competition, our class has developed a lot of unity, cooperation and abilities!  We spent a lot of time on this competition.  Recess, lunch, and even time after school was dedicated to this competition, which took us a lot of effort. We practised and rehearsed continuously every day. Our movements and sounds were not in unison at the beginning. Thanks to constant rehearsals, our ability to unite and cooperate has been trained. I am very happy with our performance.” – Law Hoi Ching, 1A

“At the beginning, I thought “Kenneth” is too boring to practise. But after we trained more, I found it a little bit challenging. It changed my mind and made me want to do better. In the end we became the first runner-up in this competition! I hope that I can remember this experience. I would like to thank my companions for making this happen and also, all our English teachers for spending a lot of time practising with us.” –  Zoey Poon, 1A