CFS 25th Anniversary Celebration

“Walk for charity and discover the wonders of Hong Kong” 保良局線上慈善步行 齊齊「樂遊港蹤,『行』善積福」











  • 個人組別
  • 家庭組別 (最多4人)
  • 企業組別 (最多20人)
    如參與人數達20人以上的公司/機構,可聯絡保良局 (聯絡電郵 [email protected] 或 電話 2277 8289/ 2277 8437) 報名及遞交報名費用,完成整個報名程序。


每位參加者 / 團隊成員 捐款港幣$150


詳情請參閱 連結

As the epidemic wave has continued to subside and the society has gradually resumed social activities, the Charity Walk will be held in a virtual form to encourage people to exercise more during the anti-epidemic period in order to maintain health. With the theme “Walk for charity and discover the wonders of Hong Kong”, participants can take part in the Charity Walk from 23 May to 31 July 2022 (dates inclusive), in a more flexible way. At the same time, participants can invite families and friends to join the walk and raise fund for the Kuk.

This year, the Kuk has designed 6 walking routes including 3 Mountain Trails, where participants can explore the unique beauty of Hong Kong's natural landscape. For the other 3 Cultural Heritage Routes, participants can get to know the relevant historical buildings and cultural attractions, and experience the unique local culture of Hong Kong by walking into the communities.

In addition, the Kuk has added the introduction of some of its affiliated units and services in the route, such as the several generations of Po Leung Kuk’s headquarter, the birth of the first secondary school, the establishment of the first for elderly service unit, etc. Participants can witness the growth of Po Leung Kuk along the way and have a better understanding of our services and development.

All the expenses of this campaign is sponsored by the Kuk’s Board of Directors. Apart from contributing to the Kuk for further strengthening of its multi-faceted services, part of the proceeds will be used to support the continuous development of the affiliated schools and units. Please join us and solicit sponsorship from family and friends for the worthwhile cause as well as to exercise for health with this challenge.


Campaign Details

Period: 30 May to 31 July 2022



  • Individual
  • Family (Maximum 4 people)
  • Corporate (Maximum 20 people)
    For Corporate with 20 people above, please contact Po Leung Kuk Fund-raising Department by [email protected] or 2277 8289/2277 8473 to complete the enrolment process and submit enrolment fee)

Minimum Fundraising Amount

HK$150 per participant/ team member

All expense for this campaign are sponsored by the Kuk's Board of Directors. All public donations will go to over 300 service units of the Kuk for the benefits of the needy.

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