HKU Tour


More than 30 students visited the University of Hong Kong. They went to either the Business school or the Science school to know more about the school and the industry they are interested in. 

In the Business tour, 5 student ambassadors from different business programs shared about their university life and took our students a campus tour. Our students could interact with them ask them questions about studying in HKU e.g. hall life, competitions, club activities, exchange programs, etc.

In the Science tour, Professor Akom first gave students an admission talk on JS6901. Then students had a short campus tour with the Science student ambassadors. They also went to the Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum, which they were given a museum tour and a microscope workshop. Students learnt specimen preservation method and the differences of different animals under the microscope.

Students’ sharing
After I looked around the University of Hong Kong, not only did I get to learn about this university's academic programs, but also get to see what it's like to be a student there. Overall, the visit to University of Hong Kong was a wonderful experience and I am glad to have had the opportunity to know more about this University. (J. RUNGTAWAN, 4C)

我對大學的模式有更深入的認識,以今天的經管學院作為例子,經管學院也有不同的學科,例如BBA(LAW) , 也對大學的功課模式和考試模式上也有更深入的認識。除了在學業方面上,我也體會到大學的宿舍文化,以及也聆聽了他們對自己所讀的那一課的感受。(CHEUNG W.K, 4B)

最深刻的活動是參觀Hong Kong Biodiversity Museum, 因為平日不開放給外界參觀,即使是港大資訊日,學生也要預約才可以參觀。我們看到很多不同的生物標本,因而對生物多樣性認識多了。還有教授親自向我們介紹JS6901課程,讓我們即時問問題,而教授也非常樂意解答。(WONG H.M, 5C)

令我最有得着的是參觀香港生物多樣性博物館,入面擺放着不同動植物的標本,例如蝴蝶、蜜蜂、小熊貓等等,這些都是我們在日常生活中難以接觸或認識到的事物,我很高興今次有機會讓我們了解當中的奧妙。另外,在參觀的途中,工作人員亦有用顯微鏡為我們作出進一步的講解,再透過iPad更直接觀察每一種動物的特徵,幫助我們了解動物的習性,這是平日較難接觸的事情。經過這次活動,我有很大的滿足感。(LAU S.Y.Z, 4C)

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